#if this didn’t creep the living shit out of you you’re a liar

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Team Moriarty

Prompt One for the Johnlock Party

“I Stopped his Laughing” Moriarty drabble. (Warning: R for language)

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aaand fem!Moriarty design @u@”
it’s so cold in here, my fingers are freezing off! I wish my parents would finally turn on the heating.


aaand fem!Moriarty design @u@”

it’s so cold in here, my fingers are freezing off! I wish my parents would finally turn on the heating.

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Love him so much!


Love him so much!

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The Consulting Bitch’s Fic Rec for Sherlock/Moriarty (Sherliarty)


The only warnings I’m going to give are these are a bit dark (Obvious) and more than likely have an Adult/MA/NC-17rating.

1. Reptilia: School AU. WIP. Moriarty and Sherlock go to school together, Moriarty hates Sherlock. But there is much more than that.

2. Doesn’t Have A Title, But it’s Five Ways Moriarty and Sherlock Met Each Other: AU (I suppose), trigger warning for planned non-con that doesn’t occur. Oh and a couple are Fem!Sherlock, Fem!Moriarty.

3. Stationary: Short fic, Sherlock writes Moriarty a letter. 

4. Untitled: Moriarty writes to Sherlock from prison. 

5. A Little Healthy Competition: AU: College students. D/S. Mild BDSM. 

6. Vain Insanity: Moriarty is actually Sherlock’s imaginary friend. Warning: Violence. I won’t say much, but be careful if you don’t think you can handle it. 

7. One Date, Three Meals, and the End of Things: What if Sherlock had called ‘Jim from ITs’ number?

8. Boredom: Sherlock/Moriarty/Riding Crop. Yup, smut.

9. Untitled: Smut. Really smutty. Really, really, really, really smutty. Oh, and bees. 

10. Sex and Violence: It’s really Sherlock/John, but it’s Sherlock/Moriarty scenes are very ‘good’, just ‘good’, not saying anything else. 

11. It’s the wrong time and place to be thinking of you”: Smutty. That awkward moment when you shout your ‘enemy’s’ name in bed. Oops. 

12. Sinister Kids: Short and lovely.

13. We’re Gonna Wash Ourselves in Sin: Smut. 

14. Know Thine Enemy: It’s cute. That’s the only way I can describe it. 

15. My fuse is short and my blood pressure is high: Possessive Moriarty, established relationship. Short. 

16. Untitled: Starts as non-con, ends lovely.

17. Discovered Feelings For Moriarty?: Sherlock writes a blog post about Moriarty. 

18. to write about: Smut. 

19. Good Boy: Self-explanatory, I believe. 

20. Cat and Mouse: See above.

21. I get the feeling if I stay with you you’ll never let me go: Smut in a dressing room. 

22. Stretch Out and Wait: Really good series. Smut. 

23. Phone Sex: Not the typical meaning though. 

24. What Happens When Nothing Happens: Series, good. I would say smut but it’s a bit more…I don’t know how to describe it..it’s just good. 

There is more out there.

But this is what I have found so far. 

P.S I’ve used the word smut more in this post than I ever have in my life. NEVER AGAIN. I NEED A NEW WORD TO DESCRIBE THESE THINGS. 

I’m sorry. 

I’m really bad at descriptions today, I had about three hours of sleep and I’m crashing from the Monster I had earlier. If anyone needs anything else. You know how to find me.


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To the other Sherlock/Moriarty shippers. When ever I see your posts I try and follow you because there are too few of us and we have to stick together.




And go around Tumblr in an awesome posse. I need to sleep. But much love.

lmao, i immediately follow any sherlock/moriarty shippers i encounter, too. WE ARE AN ELITE BUNCH.

Suddenly, there are Sherlock/Moriarty shippers on my dash, and I’m almost crying with joy.

Eeeeeeeeeeee this is my secret (okay not so much now) ship. >.> LET ME LOVE YOU ALL!

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What are pocket squares? When a handkerchief is used as an accessory to a suit it is known as a pocket square. Pocket squares come in every colour and pattern and there are a multitude of ways of folding them. They are always worn in the left breast pocket of a suit. The best fabrics for pocket squares are silk, linen and cotton. Their original use was for wiping the hands or face but since the 1920’s, when pocket squares became the height of fashion, they’ve served no other purpose than a fashion accessory.

Basic pocket square rules: It’s never good to match your pocket square with your tie but have them complement each other instead. A pocket square that picks out a minor or secondary colour in the rest of your outfit is a good choice. Contrasting textures are sure to look great, such as a silk tie and handwoven linen square. Monograms or labels should never show.

Ways of folding a pocket square: When displaying a pocket square on your person it’s best to make it look effortless and by no means perfect. Don’t ever iron a pocket square into shape! The most basic look for a square is a simple clean edge that runs parallel to your pocket. More flamboyant folding methods for example would involve having all four corners of the square protrude from the pocket or having a ‘poof’ (yes, that’s a technical term!) stick out in a curve or point. It all depends on the wearer’s personal preference.

What pocket squares say about their wearer: The confident gentlemen will usually wear a silk pocket square with a more elegant or striking pattern. Thai silk is the best quality fabric for pocket squares. Machine hemmed or irregular stitching says cheap. The finest pocket squares have hand rolled edges and should be in a tight tube. Regular and mostly hidden stitching is a sure sign of a quality square.

And now the most important part of the article!
The part on the actual character’s pocket squares.

1) The Mycroft
Mycroft wears two different pocket squares throughout the first series. The first time we see him he has folded his linen red and white paisley design into a triangular point. It is commonplace to point pocket squares away from the heart but Mycroft’s points towards his. He’s a rule breaker! In The Great Game he is wearing a red Thai silk square which has been folded to show all four corners (one of which hangs down slightly over the lip of his pocket). The red square, blue tie and white shirt combo is very British Government(!). Mycroft’s look is a confident one, using classic fabric but folding flamboyantly shows he has flair under his serious exterior.

2) The Sebastian
Sebastian’s square is my favourite in the whole series. His is an olive green and brown large paisley print that’s been classically folded but shows bulk beneath. It protrudes from his pocket quite a bit and offsets his (also striking) tie brilliantly. His pocket square is a perfect example of Sebastian’s character: showy, proud and confident.

3) The Moriarty
Moriarty’s whole look is classic. He requires no frills. He’s opted for a plain white linen square folded in the basic clean edge style that requires the least amount of effort but often looks the most smart. It’s a common look for business. His square only just shows from his pocket and really makes the skulls on his tie stand out. However, it does also show a lack of personality (and possibly a lack of confidence) and could be described by some as dull, however I can’t imagine Moriarty wearing anything but white.

Whilst writing the article I realised something. Moriarty and Mycroft wear the exact same tie pin (if you click the images to enlarge you’ll see it better). It’s a simple gold bar with a black jewel in the center. Perhaps they share the same tastes when it comes to style. Perhaps the BBC costume department just ran out of ideas!


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Every time Moriarty says “Back off” in The Great Game I am CONVINCED he says “Fuck Off”





SAME HERE! God it sounds like ‘Fuck Off’ it really does. xD

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In which Sami writes something that will get her sent to the Special Hell.

For the harem! <3

While bored on vacation I wrote this bit of angst-smut. It has all the makings of a ticket to hell.

John/Moriarty, NC-17, Language/smut/non-con handjobs/angst


"What is so special about you?" Moriarty drawled, his eyes sweeping over the doctor. John tried not to squirm under his gaze, not that it would have done any good with the way he was tied.

"Why does he stay focused on you when I am SO much more interesting? You’re nothing. Average. A pet." He glared at John, eyes narrowed and glinting. He looked completely mad. "Average mind. Only just intelligent enough to be a doctor. Average looks. Average body. What does he see in you?"

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